• The American Ancient Builders Pack Quick View
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      The American Ancient Builders Pack Quick View
    • The American Ancient Builders Pack
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    • Collectors, the ShopArtefact store offers you this pack which includes the following: - The K’inich Janaab’ Pakal, fine engraving on polished stainless steel on a varnished oak display. A very beautiful representation of the lid of the tomb of the legendary king of Palenque. - The Cusco Wall, a puzzle representing the Cyclopean construction of the wall of the Inca Roca Palace with its mythical twelve-angled stone. - La Piedra del Sol 100, a very beautiful reproduction in minerals of what is probably the most mythical of all calendars, choose between the print version, on a pedestal, in black or gold. When purchasing this Ancient American Builders pack, ShopArtefact offers you a black or gold Piedra del Sol 80 pendant.
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