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Les murs cyclopéens, le mur de Cuzco

With this faithful reproduction ShopArtefact offers you the famous twelve-angled stone, part of the famous Cusco wall. The first puzzle in the Ancient Builders collection! This replica of a part of the wall of the Inca Roca Palace, located in Hatun Rumiyoc Street in the city of CUSCO, will allow you to appreciate the perfection of assembly of the Ancient Builders. It features at it centre the famous twelve-angled stone and is comprised of 30 pieces. Dyed throughout and reworked by hand piece by piece, this game of patience will delight both young to amuse and amaze.
The wall of Cusco is delivered with a display stand.

Mur de Cusco

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The famous and remarkably well preserved twelve-angled stone is located in the wall of the Inca Roca Palace in Hatun Rumiyoc Street (“Great Rock” in the Quechua dialect) in Cusco in Peru. It is an extreme example of polygonal cyclopean wall construction and symbol of the Inca architecture. Situated next to the Plaza de Armas and the Bohemian area of San Blas, supposedly built by the Inca civilization this wall is interesting in more ways than one, firstly as it testifies to the precision of assemblage of extremely hard stone blocks to an extraordinary precision, one that is totally anachronistic for those who wish to consider it objectively. Consisting of huge blocks resting on a bed of smaller stones this type of assembly makes this wall earthquake resistant. Could this be why they were designed this way ?

Caracteristics :

Wall of Cusco, puzzle made in durable minerals moulded and dyed throughout and reworked by hand piece by piece.

– Length: 12 cm (4 ½”)
– Width : 18 cm (7”)
– Height : +/- 1.5 cm (½”)
– Weight : +/- 0.650 kg (1 ½ lbs)

Download the manual :

Frensh artisanal manufacture

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Contains small parts, risk of choking


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 cm