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Through this faithful reproduction of “The Mayan Calendar” the Ancient Builders offer you magnificent innovative and living mineral products that bring softness to the eye and a finesse to the touch. Durable, its engraved symbols show the original medallion design. Five versions are available in two colours, black or gold. On a pedestal, as a pendent or on paperboard.


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Attention, seule la version sur socle est livrée sur son présentoir !


Piedra del Sol

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Better known as the Mayan Calandar, its Aztec name is Cuauhxicalli (Eagle vessel). The Aztec calendar or sun stone is the most celebrated of all works of Aztec art. It was discovered by chance on 17th December 1790 during the paving of the main square in Mexico City, the capital of New Spain. Made in a monolithic block of basalt lava weighing 24.8 tons, it is 360 cm in diameter and 122 cm thick (142 inches x 48 inches), this olivine lava disc was probably a cuauhxicalli (altar and sacrificial vessel) or a temalacatl (gladiatorial sacrifice vessel). It was reportedly carved during the reign of Axayacalt to commemorate the ceremony of new fire in 1479 (date indicated at the top, in the centre, between the snake tails). The original is currently in the museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

Caracteristics :

Piedra Del Sol (Sun Stone) made in hyper resistant mineral product, moulded and smoothed.
Two possible finishes, black or gold. Two possible sizes 80mm or 100mm (3 inches or 4 inches).
Attention, only the 80 millimetre version is available as a pendant

80 mm version:
– Diameter: 80 mm (3”)
– Weight: +/- 80 g (2.8 oz)

– Diameter: 80 mm (3”)
– Weight: +/- 90 g (3 oz)

On a pedestal:
– Diameter: 80 mm (3”)
– Weight: +/- 130 g (4 ½ oz)

100 mm version:
100 Paperweight:
– Diameter: 100 mm (4”)
– Weight: +/- 180 g (6 ¼ oz)

100 on a pedestal:
– Diameter: 100 mm (4”)
– Weight: +/- 200 g (7 oz)

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Contains small parts, risk of choking.

Frensh artisanal manufacture

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