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Puma Punku pedestal

40.00  TVA incluse

40.00  TVA incluse

Puma Punku, an archaeological site that is part of the Tiahuanaco complex in Bolivia, still divides opinion on its origins, which may date back to a period before the official recognised date. The blocks that are strewn around the landscape in a seemingly chaotic manner are in fact positioned and very precisely made to a degree that nowadays could only be achieved by means of computer assisted machines. The shopArtefact store offers you replicas of the amazing Puma Punku blocks reproducing elements of the Tihuanaco site at a 1/14th scale.


Puma Punku pedestal

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Located one kilometre from the city of Tiahuanaco the Puma Punko site is part an ancient cultural complex. In the Aymara language the name Puma Punku means “The Puma’s Door”. This site is known for its many andesites and sandstone blocks in complex atypical shapes of remarkable precision. Experts and Archaeologists suggest that its blocks were struck with stone hammers before being slowly sanded with flat stones and sand. The site appears to have been completely destroyed and many blocks remain trapped in a thick layer of dried mud. The precision of these blocks and their “manufactured” appearance adds to the controversial idea of a civilization more advanced for its time than history recognizes.

Caracteristics :

Pedestal made from a durable solid minerals.
Finished in pink sandstone and dyed throughout.

– Length: 51.4 cm (20”)
– Width: 15 cm (approx. 6”)
– Height: +/- 3 cm (1 ½”)
– Weight: +/- 1.8 kg (4 lbs)

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